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young man becomes old and the old man dies: this is tao, the way things are.

All other words -- god, dhamma, logos -- create shoulds in the mind. This is the only word that does not create a should; it simply says, 'This is how things are.' It simply denotes reality, the facticity of it. It does not give you an ought, it does not say anything about how things should be; it has no shoulds. It does not say that trees should be like that, it does not say that the man should be like this; it simply says: This is how things are. To try otherwise is to be in misery. Should brings misery: that is the message of tao, a very rebellious message. Should takes you astray. The moment you think in terms of ideals, ideology, you are going astray. Then you are bringing some goals into your life, you are not listening to nature, you are trying to improve upon it. And it is utterly perfect; it cannot be improved, there is no way to improve upon it. One has simply to relax into it, one has to be one with it.

That is the meaning of the second word'sudas'; it means in a total let-go, in the service of tao, surrendered to tao, a perfect servant of tao with no private goals. Tao is the master and you are just a shadow. Sudas literally means a good servant, a good slave -- good, because he has no ego, there is no resistance. He is not unwillingly a servant, he is willingly surrendered. Das means servant: unwilling, reluctant; sudas means a good servant: utterly happy, willing, surrendered.

Surrender to tao, surrender to nature, drop all shoulds.

That's my whole work here. If I can give you a tongue-tip taste of tao, my work is finished: just a little taste of tao, and then it grows on its own. The first taste is difficult; once you have tasted it just a little bit, then it is so powerful, so potential, it spreads all over your being. It overwhelms you, it takes you on the greatest journey of life; into nature, into reality, into things as they are, into tao.

[Osho gives sannyas:]

Close your eyes and feel full of light inside, as if a great light is arising from your belly and filling your whole body. If trembling arises, shaking, swaying, go with

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