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am going to destroy the mirror and the reflection will be destroyed but you are not going to he destroyed at all.

But it is natural, mm? -- when somebody hits the mirror and the mirror is falling into pieces, you will see that you are falling into pieces because your image will be falling into pieces. But only later on when the mirror has fallen down on the ground into pieces -- your image has disappeared -- suddenly you find that you are still there; you are not your image!

But that happens, in primitive societies it happens.... People are afraid, if their photograph is taken they are afraid, they are afraid that if somebody burns the photograph, then? Or if somebody insults the photograph, then? Still in primitive communities in india, if you go to an aboriginal society, they don't want to be photographed because they feel that you are imprisoning them. Then the photograph will be with you and whatsoever you want to do with the photograph you can do. And sometimes death had happen ed with the idea of it.

In the primitive society this goes on: somebody makes an image of someone, does some mantra and things, and kills the image with a sword. the man comes to know and he falls dead, with the belief that he has been killed!

Still in civilised countries effigies are being burned. That is just a primitive idea, as if by burning the effigy you are going to destroy the man.

I will destroy your effigy but not you... mm? Good.

Far Beyond the Stars

Chapter #2

Chapter title: One needs the courage to be oneself

3 July 1977 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

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[Osho explains the meaning of prem veeresh. Prem means love and veeresh means courage, and you have to imbibe the spirit of love and courage. Love is the basic quality of the religious man, and out of love, courage grows.]

When I was a small child at school there was a wrestling competition for the whole district; I have never been able to forget that incident.

There was a wrestler, the most famous wrestler in those parts, who was defeated. He was

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