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People become almost glued to their chairs; they cannot move -- and then the advertisement.

In the past also, we have always talked about seers. Those who have realised the truth, we call seers. In India, philosophy is called vision -- darshan. The truth has been seen. But why seen? Why not heard? Why not touched? Why not smelled? Why not tasted? Because eyes are just a member of this whole operation of senses, but they are very dominating.

Almost eighty percent of your personality is dominated by the eyes, so the book is almost out of date. Now people would like to see, and soon people will be seeing books also; they will not be reading. Sooner or later books are going to disappear. There will be microfilms of books so you can just put them on the projector and see the books moving on the screen; you can simply sit.

Film is one of the most potential things that man has yet invented. It has given people their childhood again... again they can think in pictorial language.

So go back home and think about it, mm? And continue meditating....

[A sannyasin said that he felt he was destroying his body through smoking cigarettes and taking hash... He enjoys the dreams it creates.]

That is just dreaming. What is the point?

Stop it, mm? It is destroying not your body but your brain, because all chemicals which affect your consciousness in some way are destructive to the brain. The body may not be destroyed -- you have a perfectly good body -- that is not the point. But if you take hash too long, it is going to affect your mind, your consciousness. It will make you more dreamy, sleepy. You may have very beautiful dreams but what is the use of beautiful dreams? One has to stop all dreaming.

And all that drugs can do, at the most, is to give you beautiful dreams. That is true too only if everything goes right; otherwise they can give you nightmares. But it is useless wasting your energy and time and opportunity. Dreams are not the goal. They have to be dropped. One has to come to a point where one attains to a non-dreaming consciousness. That will not be possible through hash. And it will become more and more impossible

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