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on sending love messages all around: to people, to animals, to trees, to rocks. Even if you are sitting in an empty room -- to things, to furniture, to the door, the wall. To the very emptiness, just go on sending vibrations of love... as if one is in love with existence itself, as if the existence is your beloved -- and much will happen out of it.

In the beginning it will be a little difficult because ordinarily we think of love only in terms of a relationship. I am talking about a totally different kind of love which has nothing to do with relationships. It is a state of energy, a loving state of energy.

If a few people are sitting silently, you can watch. Somebody is in anger; his energy has the quality of anger. Somebody is simply compassionate; his energy has the quality of compassion. If you watch people you will be able to see what kind of quality their energy has. You come across somebody and suddenly you feel a tremendous attraction. That man has a loving energy around him, so whomsoever comes into his sphere of vibration will feel attracted. Somebody else -- and you suddenly feel repelled; you simply don't want to see him. You simply don't want to come too close to him. There is a certain repulsion; his energy is repelling. It does not want to communicate, it doesn't want to share. The person is insensitive, dull, unrelating, almost dead. So watch people and you will see that it is not a question of relationship -- that when you insult somebody, he becomes angry. There are people who are simply angry. There are people who are simply loving. There are people who are simply indifferent.

I am talking about that kind of quality. So simply from this moment, start feeling loving for no reason at all but because the very feeling is such a beatitude. It is its own value, its own result. The result is intrinsic to it. The more loving you feel, the more happy you will feel. One day suddenly you will see that people are unhappy because they have no loving state of energy, that's all. A happy person is one who has a loving energy. An unhappy person is one who has a non-loving energy. It has nothing to do with circumstances; it has nothing to do

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