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voices inside you. Whenever you ask who you are, many answers will come. Some answers will be your mother's, some will be your father's, some will be the teacher's, and so on and so forth. And it is impossible to decide which one is the right answer. How to decide? What is the criterion? This is where man is lost... this is self-ignorance. But because you depend on others you are afraid to go into aloneness, because the moment you start going into aloneness you start becoming very afraid of losing yourself. You don't have it in the first place, but whatever self you have created out of others' opinions will have to be left behind. Hence, it is very scary to go in. The deeper you go, the less you know who you are.

So in fact you are moving towards self-knowledge, but before it happens you will have to drop all ideas about the self. There will be a gap, there will be a kind of nothingness. You will become a non-entity. You will be utterly lost, because all that you know is no more relevant, and that which is relevant you don't know yet. This is called "the dark night of the soul" by the Christian mystics.

It has to be passed, and once you have passed it... there is the dawn. The sun rises and one comes to know oneself for the first time. The first ray of the sun and all is fulfilled. The first songs of the birds in the morning and all is attained.

Be here as long as you can. Much is going to happen.... You are already on the way and things have already been happening; much more is going to happen. You have come in the right time.

Just be here as totally as possible. You have come home.

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Deva means divine, paresha means the beyond -- the divine that is beyond, the divine that is transcendental.

We can have it but we cannot understand it. Understanding is impossible. The instrument for understanding is very tiny and the reality is vast. Thought cannot contain truth, but the heart can feel it. Love can know it, but not knowledge. And the whole problem for a spiritual seeker is how to drop knowledge and how to become more loving. It is very difficult to drop knowledge. It is very difficult because

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