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holding anything back, going all the way, to the uttermost, to where the road ends, risking all the way, to where nothing is loft to risk -- only then the revolution, the transformation....

The transformation does not happen to people who live a lukewarm life. It happens only to people who are like the fools of the proverb which says that fools rush in where angels are afraid to tread. Disciplehood is only for those who can risk all and rush in.

But the moment you put yourself totally into it with no desire for any reward, something immense, something beyond the mind, starts happening -- something which can only be described as a miracle. Only the disciple knows what a miracle is, but to know it one has to be available to the master in one's total nakedness, hiding nothing, exposing oneself entirely.

That is going to be the path for my sannyasins: all of my sannyasins have to become beloved disciples. Less than that won't do. I am not interested in students who have come to learn something. I am only interested in disciples who have come to be transformed, who are ready to die so that they can be reborn. That's what I mean when I say going all the way.


('Totality' is the meaning of Samagro, and is his approach in a nutshell, Osho tells the next sannyasin.)

Be total in everything that you are doing. What you are doing is immaterial. Cleaning the floor, cooking the food, taking a shower -- it doesn't matter what you are doing. My emphasis is not on what you have to do, my emphasis is on how you do it. If you do it totally, it becomes meditation. Even if you do meditation half-heartedly it is not meditation.

Chopping wood can be meditation if done totally, carrying water from the well can be meditation if done totally. Otherwise one can go on sitting in a Buddha posture for years -- if it is not total it is useless; one is simply wasting time. Spring will come but the grass will not grow. The grass does not grow because of spring, it grows because of your totality. What can the poor spring do to it?

Sitting silently doing nothing spring comes and the grass grows by itself.

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