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and religion has become serious. Lao Tzu remained a laughingstock -- Lao Tzu is known as the old fool. He is not serious at all; you cannot find a more non-serious man.

Then Buddha's thought and Lao Tzu's thought met, India and China met, and Zen was born. And this Sosan was just near the original source when Zen was coming out of the womb. He carries the fundamental.

His biography is not relevant at all, because whenever a man becomes enlightened he has no biography. He is no more the form, so when he was born, when he died, are irrelevant facts. That's why in the East we have never bothered about biographies, historical facts. That obsession has never existed here. That obsession has come from the West now; then people become interested more in irrelevant things. When a Sosan is born, what difference does it make -- this year or that? When he dies, how is it important?

Sosan is important, not his entry into this world and the body, not his departure. Arrivals and departures are irrelevant. The only relevance is in the being.

And these are the only words Sosan uttered. Remember, they are not words, because they come out of a mind which has gone beyond words. They are not speculations, they are authentic experiences. Whatsoever he says, he knows.

He is not a man of knowledge, he is a wise man. He has penetrated the mystery, and whatsoever he brings is very significant. It can transform you completely, totally. If you listen to him the very listening can become a transformation, because whatsoever he is saying is the purest gold.

But then it is difficult too, because the distance is very very great between you and him: you are a mind and he is a no-mind. Even if he uses words he is saying something in silence; you, even if you remain silent, go on chattering within.

It happened:

There was a case against Mulla Nasruddin in the court. The court could not prove much. He was charged with polygamy, having many wives. Everybody knew about it, but nobody could prove it.

The lawyer said to Nasruddin, "You remain silent, that's all. If you utter a single word you will be caught. So you simply keep quiet and I

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