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when somebody finds something of the beyond, his soul thirsts to reach everywhere with its fragrance and spread it.

I am aware about me, why I am here. And this meeting of ours can be meaningful if you too are here for the same reasons, and if you and I meet each other at the same plane. Otherwise, as it often happens, there can be no meeting whatsoever even though we are crossing each other's paths. If you are not here for the same reasons as I am, there will be no meeting point between us in spite of our living in such close physical proximity.

I would like you to see that which I now see. It is so near that it is amazing how you don't see it. And many times I suspect that you have deliberately closed your eyes and ears. Otherwise how could you miss it? Jesus has said again and again that people have eyes but they don't see and they have ears but they don't hear. Not only the blind are blind and the deaf are deaf, even they are blind and deaf who have both eyes and ears That is why you don't see and hear and feel that which is so near and which surrounds you from everywhere. What is the matter?

Undoubtedly there is some small obstruction in the way of your vision. It is, however, not a big obstruction. It is like a speck of dust that gets in the eye and obstructs the view of a whole mountain. Just a tiny speck of dust can blind your eyes. Logic will say that it should be a huge thing that obstructs the view of a mountain. Arithmetic will say that the thing that prevents you from seeing a mountain must be something bigger than the mountain itself. But in reality the speck of dust is a very small thing and so are our eyes. But because the dust covers the eyes the mountain is covered and thus made invisible to the eyes.

Similarly, what obstructs our inner vision is not something as big as a mountain, it is but a little dust. And it is what has made us blind to reality. Because of a tiny obstruction all the truths of life remain hidden from us.

Certainly, I am not talking about the physical eyes with which we see things. This creates great confusion. Remember well that in existence only that truth is meaningful for us for which a

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