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is not to fight with misery, the way is to get out of the wheel of time. In a way it is very simple, but sometimes the simplest thing, the very obvious thing, is missed because it is too obvious and our eyes are searching for something great, something far away -- and it is very close by!

Everybody has been told that time consists of three tenses -- past, present and future -- and that is absolutely wrong; time consists only of past and future. The present is a penetration of eternity, the present does not belong to time; it is transcendental. To live in the present is to get out of time, to be herenow, totally herenow, is to be out of the wheel. And the miracle is that the moment you are out of time you are out of misery. Misery is a by-product of time and bliss is a by-product of eternity, of timelessness.

And one can decide to move into eternity any moment, because it is always there. In fact the past is never there but we cling to it, the future is never there, but we cling to it; we cling to non-entities. And because both our hands are clinging to non-entities we miss exactly what is in the middle of both: the present, the real, the existential. And both our hands are full: one hand is full of the past, the other is full of the future. A part of our being is full of memories, another part is full of fantasies, dreams, projections; and between these two is the very subtle and delicate moment. It is just like a rose flower -- crushed, missed. Meditation simply means not to miss it, to get in tune with it.

Slowly, slowly empty your hands of the past and the future so you can be full of the now -- and that is transformation. It brings immense bliss, infinite bliss. It opens the doors of the divine.

Sw Anand Erhard , Anand means bliss. Erhard means noble.

Misery always makes a person mean. A miserable person cannot be noble -- that is impossible. He has nothing to be noble for, he has nothing to share.

Misery maketh man mean.

He is just a black hole. He sucks people. Even his presence is enough to make people sick.

The miserable person goes on creating around himself a dark aura of misery, and because he is

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