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complicated when he expected to find them simple.]

They are very simple but because you are looking through a certain mind, because you are not looking directly and you have certain ideas in the mind, then things become complicated.

If you have certain ideas, then whatsoever I say has to fit with those ideas. If it doesn't fit then there are complications; then there comes conflict and confusion.

[The visitor adds: What I mean is, for example, Jesus went to the lake in Israel and said to people to follow him.

And to come to this place I had to go to the secretary to arrange things, and had to wait to see you.]

I am not Jesus. I have my own ways. And I am not a follower of Jesus. He lived his life -- I live mine.

That's what I say -- you have a certain idea so you are trying to figure it out; you are trying to compare with Jesus. If my followers go to Jesus they will be in trouble, because they will look for a secretary, and there will be none. (laughter) They will say this man is wrong. You understand me?

Each master lives his own way -- there is no other way he can live. This is my way: to make myself as unapproachable as possible, to make it as difficult as possible for you to come to me. This is nothing, this is just the beginning. Wait a few more days and you will have a secretary to the secretary.

That's my way, because this is my understanding -- that the more easily available you are, the more useless your availability is. Make it difficult, and then people come with intense desire. Only then they come -- otherwise crowds come. I have lived that way also. For many years I was available under a tree...

[The visitor asks: Is it not a natural right to be free, or to go one step after the other -- just a natural right?]

There is no particular nature. Each has his own particular nature -- there is nothing like a generalised nature, nothing like human nature. Jesus has his nature, I have mine, you have yours. And when you flower, you will flower in a different way.

Everybody has his own. Even Jesus' master, John the Baptist, had a different quality. Jesus never followed him -- he started

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