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to you; then the whole existence is alive, suddenly alive. It comes alive, it is no more dead. That life is Christ-consciousness. In the East we call it Buddhahood. Christ and Buddha are synonymous. They are not confined to persons, remember, they are states of being.

Man can live on three levels; man is a three-tiered being. The most superficial is thinking and the deepest is being; between the two is feeling -- so feeling is the bridge. From thinking move to feeling -- that is love; and from love move to being. The thinking and feeling all disappear because you are no more a separate entity, you become one with the whole. That's when one becomes a Christ.

It is of no use to follow anybody. The real thing is to love Christ, to love Buddha, to love Zarathustra -- not as followers, but as fellow-travelers because it is the same pilgrimage, the same journey, you will be passing through the same places that Jesus passed through before he became a Christ.

The greatest thing in becoming a Christ is the movement from thinking to love; then the second step is very easy. The first step is more difficult because we have lived in thinking for so long that we have become identified with our minds. If we can get out of the mind -- and that's what meditation is all about -- and enter the heart, then the second step is very simple, at any moment one can easily slip from the heart into being. And to be is to be a Christ, to be is to be a Buddha -- just to be.

(to Bianca): Love is pure when there are not conditions in it, when it is unconditional, when there is no demand, no expectation, no begging, no bargaining, no business. When you simply give out of the sheer joy of giving, you don't expect even a thank you, then love is pure. And pure love is prayer.

Pure love is the closest phenomenon to God. One who knows what pure love is, is bound to know what God is. Love will make you aware that the whole of existence is full of godliness. When the heart is full of love, existence is full of God; when the heart is loveless, existence is godless. God is missing in existence when love is missing in the heart. There is a syncronicity between love and

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