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at all. When man becomes peaceful it means he becomes totally conscious, the unconsciousness disappears; again a new unity has arisen on a higher plane. The tree exists as a unity on a lower plane: all is dark and there is unity. Buddha exists on the highest plane: all is light and there is unity. And between those two is man -- the major part of his being being pulled by the unconscious and just a small fragment being pulled by the conscious. That's the conflict between god and devil. God and devil are just metaphors; the devil means the dark, the unconscious, the mechanical. And man is torn apart. Where to go?

There is only one possibility to go beyond it, and that is to become fully conscious... because we cannot go back. The path simply disappears, the bridge is no more there; you cannot go back. Man has tried in a thousand and one ways to go back.

That's why alcohol is so important, that's why drugs of all kinds from soma to LSD, have great appeal, because they give you a momentary feeling as if you have again become part of this nature They help you chemically to forget your small conscious island. Again you become the vast continent, one, and a certain unity and a certain organicness... and naturally there is joy!

But it is momentary. Sooner or later you come back and you are more frustrated than ever because now you have known a kind of unity; now you will be more frustrated in your ordinary life. That's what happens to people who are drunkards: they are happy only when they are not, when they are unconscious; they are unhappy when they are.

And there is no way to drop it permanently -- this consciousness. It has already happened, there is no way to unlearn it... and it is good that there is no way to unlearn it otherwise the major part of humanity would have unlearned it. Because there is no way to regress one can only go ahead. Yes, unity can be attained, but on a new plane, as a new being, as a totally new being, as a buddha... as an awakened soul.

That's why all the religions have been against drugs. Not that they are against drugs: they are against drugs because drugs give you an illusion of unity. It is just illusory,

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