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on the rocks, you can see by the trees that are standing on the bank. Everything shows its very ancientness. THE OLD POND... PLOP!, a frog jumps in, Plop!' And you can go on sitting of the bank of the pond but the sound of the frog jumping in is not going to disturb you. In fact, it will enhance. You will see that from before the frog jumped in to after the frog has disappeared into the pond, the silence has deepened.

And the same can be done with everything in the world -- the traffic noise, the train passing by or the aeroplane in the clouds, the thunder, the lightning -- everything can become just a background. You have to be alert, watchful, relaxed, resting in your being. Just simply being, not doing anything, then nothing disturbs. Things go on happening and you remain untouched like a lotus leaf in the water. And that's what sannyas is all about living in the world and yet not being part of the world, living in the world but not allowing the world to live in you.

A sannyasin has to grow great love for silence. Unless you love silence totally, it cannot happen. And if you love, it is bound to happen. Love functions like a magnet. Once there is great love for silence you have created the magnet and then, from everywhere, from all the directions and dimensions, silence starts pouring in you like river, pouring into the ocean.

There are people who would like to be silent, but just liking is not enough -- love is needed. Liking is very lukewarm, it is so-so. Love means you are passionately involved. Love means it is a question of life and death. Love means intensity, totality.

And the great gifts of life are only for people who are ready to go totally into something, whether it is silence, freedom, truth -- it does not matter what it is. All the ultimate values require you to be a lover.

Sannyas is a love affair with silence.

The most unique experience of life is that of silence; otherwise life is very noisy. Outside there is noise, inside there is noise, and both together are enough to drive anybody crazy. They have driven the whole world crazy.

One has to stop the inner noise -- the outer noise is beyond our

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