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to the body -- that is not true. Man is so vast that he can contain contradictions. So nothing to be worried about. And sometimes it happens that the more silent you become, the more aware you become of the contradiction. If you were not so silent you might not have been aware of it, because the contrast would not arise.

It is as if the whole room is dirty -- then you clean a part of it. Because of this clean part, now the whole room looks very dirty. When this clean part was not there and the whole room was dirty, the same, you were not aware of it. It is just as if on a plain wall you throw black ink: it becomes so clear and so loud.

But a group can still be good. That will help you to bring this problem to its climax. If you feel like doing, you can do one group. Encounter will be perfect. Do Encounter, mm? and in the group come out of silence. After the group you can go into silence again .... Or we will see first. First do the group and see how you feel, because silence has not to be there for your whole life. If your energy starts feeling that it would be good to come out and communicate, you can come out -- nothing is wrong in it. And the well-being will still remain there; it will not be lost. It has happened so it is going to remain. But up to the group, remain in silence, then we will decide, mm? Good.

[The Encounter group is present.

To a member of the group Osho says:]

Something about you? (she remains unspeaking) Come closer. If you don't want to say, just close your eyes and let your energy say it.

Good. The energy is going very well. Just enjoy the energy that is flowing there. You have touched a very silent space -- now don't lose contact with it. It is very difficult to come in contact with; it is very easy to lose.

So don't be afraid. Sometimes it is even very scaring to be really silent. One feels dazed -- that's how you look. One feels as if there is no spine. But don't be scared. Many beautiful things are going to happen. This is just the opening of the door. And you can never be the same again -- the door has opened. So just enjoy it and feel blissful.

And I am here, so never be afraid

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