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we have called it anahat nad

unstruck music

the player and the played-upon are no more two

the musician has become the music

the dancer has become the dance

that is

the Sound

of one hand


the rose cannot become a rose

because its whole effort is diverted

into becoming a lotus

and a lotus it can never become

in fact there is no need

if god wanted the rose to become a lotus

he would have created a lotus

he has created enough lotuses

just the other day i was reading

if god wanted homosexuality

he would have created adam and bruce

he didn't

it is so plain

but people are trying to improve upon god

he has made everybody what he wanted

so the best thing is to discover

who am i

once you know who you are

suddenly all perfectionism disappears

because you find you are perfect

there is no need to be perfect

just as you are, you are perfect

it happens only through meditation

because meditation

is simply settling into your centre

relaxing, resting in your being, to discover

who am i?

that very discovery is the only true spirituality

all else is mumbo-jumbo

once it is heard

all that is worth hearing has been heard

one can think about truth but that is not seeking

it is like a blind man thinking about light

he can go on thinking for eternity

just by thinking about and about

he is not going to find light

the word about is beautiful

it means around and around

he goes around in circles, never touching the centre

and that is the way of the mind

of philosophy, of theology

of all kinds of thinking

it happens only through meditation because meditation is simply settling into your centre relaxing. resting in your being, to discover

the seeker of truth has to stop thinking

he has to be utterly silent, in a state of no-thought

the whole energy that is involved in thinking

has to be released from thinking


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