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going to enter into the kingdom of God; it will be the poor, the miserable -- they will be received with great joy and welcomed. All that they have to do is not to make any fuss about their misery -- accept it as a blessing in disguise. And if for centuries you go on saying such things, you poison people's minds. But it seems that they are not alone in their sadness; everybody is sad. In fact, they will feel afraid to be cheerful in this vast crowd of sad people.

So it is not going to help if when seeing them sad, you also become sad. It is simply making them more convinced of the fact that joy does not exist on the earth, it is something otherworldly -- the fate and the destiny of the earth is misery. So simply give them an example that it is not true: "If I can be cheerful, rejoicing, your whole fabric of stupid theories is proved irrelevant."

Secondly, you have to remember.... You say that you are not angry, but become sad seeing their sadness. There are people who become angry -- these are the people who create revolutions, changes in the society, in the state. But all their revolutions have failed, because anything coming out of anger is coming out of ignorance. It is not going to create an authentic change. Change for the better is impossible out of anger.

I want you to remember one thing: sadness is just anger upside down; it is not different. It is repressed anger. If you analyze it then you will see the fact. Sadness can change into anger very easily; anger can change into sadness in the same way. They are not two things... perhaps two sides of the same coin. So whenever you are angry and you cannot express it, the situation is not such. It is too dangerous to express it, too risky to express it.

For example, a child becomes angry at the parents, but he cannot show it because he is so helpless and dependent. Then he becomes sad. His sadness is inverted anger. The same child goes out and gives a good kick to the dog. He wanted to kick his parents, but it was too risky, too dangerous. But the dog he can beat. He repressed the anger, it became sadness. But when he comes out and sees the dog, he starts beating him. The sadness changed

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