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is tao. An old man is dying -- this is tao. This whole complexity, this totality is tao.

[A sannyasin who is going to the West says: I'm really scared of leaving. Osho asks: What is the fear? He replies: I don't know.]

That's a good kind of fear if you don't know what exactly it is. That simply means that you are on the verge of something unknown. When the fear has some object it is an ordinary fear. One is afraid of death -- it is very ordinary fear, instinctive; nothing great about it, nothing special about it. When one is afraid of old age or disease, illness, these are ordinary fears... common, garden variety.

The special fear is when you cannot find an object to it, when it is there for no reason at all; that makes one really scared. If you can find a reason the mind is satisfied. If you can answer why, the mind has some explanation to cling to. All explanations help things to be explained away; they don't do anything else, but once you have a rational explanation, you feel satisfied. That's why people go to the psychoanalyst to find explanations. Even a stupid explanation is better than nothing; one can cling.

You have a stupid dream -- ninety percent of one's dreams are stupid, rubbish -- but if you go to the psychoanalyst he will give a beautiful interpretation. He never says that any dream is rubbish. He finds out something, invents, and gives you a very coherent picture, and suddenly you feel very good. Nothing has happened, but something was there hankering in the mind, 'Why?'; now the why is answered. The answer may be as stupid as the dream itself; in fact, it is, because you cannot intelligently answer a question which is not intelligent. A stupid question creates a stupid answer. Ninety percent of your dreams are rubbish -- and I am being very conservative when I say ninety percent; in fact, to be really true, ninety-nine, because your mind when you are awake is stupid. How can it be intelligent when you are asleep? It is bound to be more unintelligent, more foggy, more clouded, more confused. But the psychoanalyst will give you a beautiful explanation that satisfies you, so now you know why you dreamt this way -- maybe

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