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intuitive. So start looking within-wards, mm?... and sannyas is the beginning of the journey within-wards.

Deva means divine and chaya means shadow -- divine shadow. We are all god's reflections, and to think about ourselves otherwise is wrong. We are joined to god as the shadow is joined to our body. There is no way to go away, the shadow cannot leave -- it simply follows.

Once this is understood, life becomes very easy and very blissful. Then you are not the doer, then there is no responsibility on you. The whole responsibility is on god's shoulders, and in that there is rest and relaxation.

So from this moment, leave everything to god and suddenly you will feel a great transformation. Become a shadow!

[A sannyasin says: Last time you told me that will is not my path, so when I do active meditations, I just do them relaxedly. I don't know if I have to impose anything on myself .... ]

You have some wrong notion -- that something has to be achieved -- that's why you start thinking that you are going astray.

Where can you go? And how can you go astray? -- because whatsoever happens is the truth. That is the truth of that moment -- that your mind started going away. That is the truth of that moment, that's how that moment came to you.

My whole insistence is to learn not to will things -- learn to allow them -- otherwise will always creates tension in you. You are already tense and will will create more tension. If you succeed sometimes -- which doesn't mean that will succeeds; it simply means that the things were going that way and you also willed it -- it was a coincidence....

Whenever will succeeds, it simply shows it is a coincidence -- will never succeeds. The wind was blowing to the north and you were rushing to the north. The wind is not blowing to the north because you are going to the north. It is just coincidence that the wind is also going to the north; it is not following your will. Sometimes you will feel that the will succeeded -- it was coincidence -- then it creates ego and ego is a great problem, the greatest of them all... it is the essential madness. If you fail there is frustration.


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