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times. It did happen in the Buddha and Mahavir era also. And it shall not stop unless the men of the first position stopped desecrating disciples. Then only welfare could be expected. But because it hasn't happened yet, the nation, via Gandhiji, is now in the hands of the third rate persons.

I also want to say that his was pre-destined. It was to occur and for that the Gandhian should not be blamed. I feel at much pains to criticise him. It also is not a fit subject for criticism. We criticise that of which we nurture high hopes and if in the end it does not prove to our expectations. If a person treasures stones, glass pieces, accepting them to be jewels, who should be blamed? The stones or the person who collects them? Today the same person is crying that the jewels are fake; that he is duped! He should have examined his brain before the acceptance.

I would advise not to get entangled in the analysis of the Gandhian and Gandhiism. The nation should analyse its own conscience. How long are we going to delude ourselves in accepting the stones as jewels? We are scarred of reflecting on it. We find a scapegoat here and there and save our skin.... The Gandhians are there where thy aught to be. But, why do we put them onto the throne? Why do we give them power, prestige and position? If we stop satisfied at the analysis of the Gandhian, we will again hand over the country in the hands of other morons. Their faces will be different, the banners will be different; only they may be around some other mahatma to come. And we shall initiate the same mistake and shall suffer as we have done in the last twenty years.

I am told that a man got married but divorced his wife within four month's time. He resolved not to err the next time. But the second one also proved to be the same as the first woman. He remarried for eight times, and concluded that all the women of the world were the same. But the truth is that selecting mind was the same and every time he selected the woman according to his own understanding, attitude and grasp. Although he put much effort in selections, every time his choice was the same. Such mistakes are consistently repeated in this

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