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a tremendous joy. But it is not service, it is not duty, and you are not earning virtue. You are simply sharing your life as god has shared his life with you.

Anand means bliss; Jerry comes from Jeremiah, the second greatest biblical prophet. The literal meaning of Jeremiah is: god is exalted. That is the basic flavour of prayer -- that god is great, that god is exalted, that god is supreme, that god is holy. The moment we say that god is exalted, automatically the whole existence is exalted, because god is not a person but another name for the totality of existence. It is all inclusive: men, women, trees, birds, rivers, mountains, stars, all are included in it. God simply means the whole, the total, all that is.

There is an ancient tradition which says that god is a code word. 'G' stands for 'that', 'o' stands for 'which', 'd' stands for 'is': that-which-is. God is not a person, but all that which is, all that exists, all that has been.

'God is exalted' means the whole existence is sacred. Wherever you are moving you are on holy ground, and whatsoever you are doing is as significant as any prayer. Then the small acts of life are no more small, the ordinary is no more ordinary, everything becomes suffused with extraordinariness. Then even the smallest contains the greatest, and the atom in itself is a universe.

To feel this, this utter exultation of existence, is to be prayerful. Jerry is a beautiful name, the very essence of prayer. Become a blissful, prayerful yea-saying, a total yes -- unguarded, unconditioned. And feel in everything the beauty of god, the expression of the divine. Slowly slowly, one becomes suddenly aware one day that we are like fish in the ocean of god. There is no need to go to seek and search for him: he is here, he is now.

Prem means love, dara is Hebrew; it means the heart of wisdom. Knowledge is of the head, hence it has nothing to do with love; in fact basically it is antilove. Love plays no part in the growth of knowledge. Knowledge is the accumulation of dead facts, information, but those facts are not beating, they are not alive, because love is missing.

Wisdom is of the heart. It has nothing

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