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meditations and yogic exercises and television nonsense, when you are utterly tired of the effort to bring sleep, suddenly it comes. It does not even knock on the door. It does not even ask you, "Can I come in, sir?" Without whispering, without making any noise it comes. You cannot find its coming; only in the morning you know, when you wake up -- "My god, I have been asleep!"

No effort can bring sleep, because every effort keeps you awake. Effort is intrinsically part of awareness and sleep needs you to forget everything, drown yourself in forgetfulness, relax. Don't even bother about sleep -- whenever it comes it comes; if it does not come you don't care a bit -- and it comes.

You are saying, "But it is very difficult for me to take my eyes from your beautiful, radiant being when you greet us coming and going in the morning. Am I missing by peeking?"

Not at all, Big Prem. Peeping is a good exercise! One feels sad for those who don't know how to peep. And you are not peeping into somebody's bathroom. You need not be worried -- peep joyously.

But people become worried... just last night, to wake up Niskriya, I gave him a Nazi salute. Then too he was not fully awake; just a little bit he came into his senses. Everybody enjoyed, but Garimo's mother Gita became worried. She thought that this Niskriya seems to be a Nazi agent.

This poor Niskriya, he has nothing to do with anything, Nazi or German or great Nordic Aryan blood. He is a simple fellow. He is so simple that every girlfriend leaves him just in one day. But he is not worried, because he keeps a list and he waits for somebody else to come. Seeing that he is a famous figure here, he gives appointments: "For this week I am completely engaged." And he has a secretary in Sarjano -- another fascist! So every rejected woman goes to Sarjano.

This has been happening, and the whole commune is enjoying, but Gita is old and her memories of what happened in the second world war are still alive. She freaked out. I don't know... if one day I tell Niskriya to do a goose step, what will happen to her? She is so old, and I don't want to give her a heart attack. And most probably Niskriya

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