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blissful persons. The society is against the blissful person because the blissful person cannot be reduced to a thing, cannot be reduced to a machine. And the society is not interested in men; it is interested in machines -- efficient, skilful, but machines -- not men. The society is very much afraid of real men, because the real man means freedom, the real man means the capacity to say no, the capacity to revolt, the capacity to be oneself. The real man means not to be just a part of the crowd; and bliss is part of individuation. When one becomes individual, one is blissful, when one remains part of the mob psychology one remains miserable.

The masses live on the lowest rung of the ladder. It is very dark there and very dismal, but they don't have the courage to rise higher. They are afraid of climbing the mountains, they are afraid of the risks. It is secure where they are; even if they fall, it is not dangerous, they are on plain ground. But the man who is searching for peaks of bliss -- and bliss is the greatest peak, it is the Everest of life -- has to be courageous. He has to be courageous to drop misery, he has to be courageous to drop all investment in misery, he has to be courageous to go into the unknown for the search of bliss. And once one has learned to take a few steps into the unknown. only the first steps are hesitant. There is a trembling. because one is moving beyond the boundaries of the known and the familiar. It is the same fear that the small child feels the first day he goes to the school, the same fear when the boy leaves home and goes to live in the hostel; that kind of thing is natural. It has to be accepted and transcended and then suddenly skies of bliss open up. There is no end. One cannot contain it, so much bliss is possible. One starts overflowing with it.

Deva means god, monika means an adviser -- god is the only adviser. God is the guru in your heart. The outer guru only reflects the inner guru. I can only say things to you which your own heart wants to say to you but which you are not capable of hearing. I can translate it into your language, but whatsoever I say to you is nothing but a translation from your unconscious

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