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becomes the thou, the beloved -- call it god -- and the seeker becomes the lover. He starts dissolving himself, he starts disappearing, evaporating.

When the ego evaporates totally, when you are in a state of not-being, you have arrived. And in that moment of arrival you are in for a great surprise. You have dissolved yourself, you have not even left any trace of your ego, and now suddenly you find that you are for the first time a real being. The ego has been dissolved, but that was a false entity. And because it has been dissolved, you have now found your real self, the supreme self.

But it comes as a by-product. On the path of love awareness comes as a by-product, and vice versa: on the path of awareness love comes as a by-product.

Let love be your way, your path. Let love be your very being. Love existence in its multi-dimensionality, it its tremendous beauty. Love people, love trees, clouds, stars. It is not the point what you love, the point is that you love. Become love

This is your new name: Swami Anugit. Anugit means a little song, like a haiku, a sonnet.

Man is very small compared to the universe. The universe is a great orchestra. If you can contribute a little beauty to existence, just a little, that's enough; more is not required, not needed. Existence never asks you for the impossible, it asks only for that which is possible. But man's ego always demands the impossible. Man's ego always wants to become something great.

A sannyasin has to be just a small song. That's his offering to god. A song means a celebration, a song means a little laughter, cheerfulness, a little dance. Life is so small, so short, so momentary. If we can sing a little song, that's enough.

A Zen master was invited by the emperor of Japan to address his court. The master came, he stood before the court. Everybody was so expectant, for months they had waited. The emperor was there, the queen and all the court was there and may people were invited; it was a great gathering. The master had never come to any other place to speak. They were sitting silently and the master stood up. There was absolute silence as if they had even stopped

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