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breathing. What was he going to say? He simply took out a small flute, played a short note on the flute and left the court!

The emperor ran after him, fell at his feet and said 'What about the address?' He said 'This is my address -- just a short note. I have said all that I can say, all that can be said. More than that is not possible. Nobody has ever said more that that.'

So be a small note on a flute, and life is fulfilled. Don't hanker to be something great, something special, holy, saintly. All that is rubbish. Just be ordinary, so ordinary that nobody ever comes to know of you, so ordinary as if you had never existed. And don't leave any footprints. Just like the birds fly in the sky -- they don't leave any footprints. That's what Jesus means when he says: Blessed are the meek, for theirs is the kingdom of god.

Dance Til the Stars Come Down From the Rafters

Chapter #23

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23 January 1980 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

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[NOTE: This is an unedited tape transcript of an unpublished darshan diary, which has been copy-typed. It is for reference purposes only.]

This is your name: Ma Antar Steffanie. Antar means inner, steffanie means a voice -- the inner voice.

God does not speak from the outside, he does not speak through the scriptures. He speaks from your innermost core. But we never hear, because we are in the turmoil of the head so much that the still, small voice of the within is lost.

Sannyas means the science of stilling the mind so that the inner voice can be heard.

Once you have started hearing the inner voice no other guide is needed. Then god is your guide. Then there is no question of choosing between alternatives, then he continuously directs you towards that which is right. He is still directing us but we are not available, we are pre-occupied.

Learn the art of making the mind silent. It is not difficult. In the beginning it appears difficult, but don't be deceived by the appearance. Go on trying again and again and again, and be patient.

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