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was the name of the most loved disciple of Jesus, the name has that connotation, Osho explained to a Dutch analyst. And then he described the three different kinds of people who seek truth.)

One is the student. His enquiry is mental, of the head, intellectual. He wants to gather a little knowledge of what truth is all about; his enquiry is superficial. The second category consists of disciples. Their enquiry is of the heart, not of the head. They really want to know truth, not just knowledge about truth; they want to experience it. They are not satisfied with mere knowledge, they want an authentic experience. Hence the disciple moves on a different plane from the student, the scholar. The student collects information, the disciple asks for transformation.

And the third category consists of the devotees. They are those to whom the transformation has happened , who have come to experience, to taste, who have found a glimpse of truth. The disciple is still seeking, the devotee has arrived. That is the third category.

Only a disciple can become a devotee. The student cannot become a devotee; first he will have to become a disciple. If the student remains a student for his whole life he will be missing the whole point. He will talk about truth, about love, about god, about meditation. But all knowledge is borrowed, it is not his own experience. The disciple has a little bit of experience because he moves from logic to love, from head to heart. The heart is closer to being. The student is in the head, the disciple in the heart, and the devotee reaches his very being. But nobody can bypass disciplehood -- it is a must.

And the only thing that can make you really a disciple and ultimately a devotee is meditation. One has to learn how to be silent, still, calm and quiet. The moment you know the art of being silent, the miracle starts happening. You start becoming a beloved disciple, you are no more an ordinary disciple. And when meditation is complete, entire, you are transformed into a devotee. Then the whole world is divine. For a devotee all is god; except for god, nothing exists.

That is the goal of sannyas. One may come here as a student,

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