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come to settle, it will settle in the lotus posture. Because its bottom is made heavy, and the whole body is light. So there is no way; in any other way it cannot settle. It has to settle in the lotus posture. The posture in which Bodhidharma used to sit.

This Daruma doll signifies the quality of consciousness: Whatever you do it always settles as a subject; never as an object. And to study, it has to be an object.

The very nature of consciousness debars any study. It is available for experience, but not available for experiment.

This is the most fundamental thing you have to emphasize before the Conference.

Second thing: They can study religions. About that, there is not problem. They can study Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Mohammedanism. Because these are all corpses. The living religious experience is not there. That mystical quality perhaps may have been in the beginning. And because of that mystical quality, people gathered around a master; organized a religion and destroyed the whole thing.

Truth cannot be organized. That is the sure and certain way to murder it! And all these religions are murdered corpses. They don't have any soul. You can study them. But remember: studying them, don't start thinking that you are studying religious experience. Religious experience always exists within the individual. It cannot be organized.

Just as it cannot be objectified; in the same way, it cannot be organized. The difficulty is: you cannot bring it to language. The experience happens in absolute silence. How to bring that silence into words. Whatever you do, it escapes your small words. It is too big; it is too vast! Even the sky is not the limit for it. For thousands of years we have been trying to bring religious experience into words. But it goes on defying.

All these religions are organized around words: the Holy Bible, the Koran, the Gita. And words are absolutely impotent.

You can study these religions. There is no problem about it. They are objective. And being objective is a solid proof that they are no more religious experience.

There is only one book which can be said to have STILL "having the

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