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to the conscious.

The conscious does not know the language of the unconscious, hence a gap has happened between your being. The master fulfils that gap; he simply bridges your unconscious with your conscious.

Once it is bridged, then god is the adviser. Then all that you ever need will be communicated to you from the holiest of the holies, from the very centre of existence. Once you have learned how to be silent and to listen, you can hear the still, small voice within.

Prem means love, antonio means priceless. Love is the only thing that cannot be purchased, the only thing that is not a commodity available in the market-place, the only thing for which you can never pay enough. But it is available, and it is available just for the asking or just for the taking.

All that is really valuable is available free. It is like the air that we breathe: without air there is no life, but it is available free, although man has polluted it now and is destroying the very source of life itself every day. The same has happened on a subtle level as far as love is concerned. Man has polluted love even more than he has polluted the air. The air pollution is a very recent thing. It happened only after automobiles were invented, it happened only because of scientific developments; it is only within one hundred years that it has happened.

But priests have been polluting love for ten thousand years at least. They have destroyed the whole energy of it, they have poisoned the very source of love. It has to be reclaimed, because just as the body cannot exist without air, the soul cannot exist without love. What air is to the body, love is to the soul: it is priceless but yet available free. Still, people are so stupid that they remain completely unaware of the great gift of god. The river goes on flowing by the side and they are thirsty.

One of the greatest Indian mystics, Kabir, has said: I laugh to no end because I see that the fish in the river is thirsty.

He is talking about man, the fish. He is talking about love, the river.

Anand means bliss, nirjana means aloneness -- not loneliness mind you: aloneness. Loneliness is a negative

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