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if a man has meditated with infinite patience, then shaktipat too can happen in the form of grace. Then there will be no medium, but then there will be no mishap. His infinite waiting, his boundless patience, his unwavering devotion, his everlasting resolve, develop his ability to allow the infinite. Then there will be no mishap. And the happening can take place both ways -- with or without a medium. But in the absence of a medium he will not feel it as shaktipat but as grace from the beyond.

So there are similarities as well as differences between the two. I am in favor of grace as far as it is possible; as far as possible there should not be a medium. But in certain cases this is possible and in certain cases it is not possible. So instead of the latter category of people wandering for endless lives, some person can be made a medium to bring down the divine energy to them. Only that person can be a medium, however, who is no longer an individual ego. Then the hazard is almost nil, because such a person while becoming the medium does not become a guru: there is no person left to become a guru. Understand this difference well.

When a person becomes a guru he becomes a guru in reference to you; when a person becomes a medium he does so in relationship to the universal being; then he has nothing to do with you. Do you understand the difference?

Ego cannot exist in any state brought about in relationship to you. So the real guru is one who does not become a guru. The definition of a sadguru, a perfect master, is one who does not become a guru. This means that all who call themselves guru do not have the qualification to be a guru. There is no greater disqualification than a claim of guruship; that shows the presence of ego in such a person, and that is dangerous.

If a person suddenly reaches a state of void, where ego has completely disappeared, he can become a medium. Then shaktipat can happen near him, in his presence, and there is no possibility of danger. There is no danger to you or to the medium through which the energy is flowing.

And yet basically I am in favor of grace. When the ego has died and the person is no longer an

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