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of anything. You can go into any space, and whenever you feel that it is becoming too much, just take the locket (that is part of the mala) in your hand and remember me, mm? Good.

[A sannyasin says: I found out from the Encounter group that there's this split between my head and my feelings. I've been on a path for many years in which one just tries to see the divine in everybody. And what it's done is screened out all the negativity or whatever that I probably have, so I'm just seeing everything falsely... Now I distrust everything. I don't know if it's intellect or feeling... Until I got that feedback from others I wasn't in that space at all. But I feel quite full.]

Mm mm. This too, is because others say. My observation is that this too is only because others have said so, it is still intellectual. You've understood what others are saying, and you have felt that this may be so, but this is not your experience.

For ten days after the group, simply meditate and forget all about it. After ten days come back and tell me how you feel. Forget what others say -- because whatsoever others say can never go deeper than your intellect. The feeling part is available only to you. And when somebody says something about you, it is more about him than about you. It is what they feel -- that you are hollow; you may not be. But ordinarily we live on others' opinions -- that's how our intellect lives; it is constantly in need of feedback. So if others say you are beautiful, you feel beautiful. If others say you are very loving, you feel perfectly good. If others say that this is all bullshit, you start feeling this is all bullshit. But still it is not your feeling. And others may not be right, so don't judge too early.

Let the group be finished. Work two days more as hard as you can so that whatsoever you can become aware of, become aware; then forget about it. Have a gap. The whole point is that you should come to see whether it is so. If you come to see that it is so, immediately there will be a change. Or if you come to see that it is not so, there is no need for any change. Both ways it will be beneficial.

Now you will be in trouble. One possibility

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