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look at the mirror and see that it is not you. Now see it consciously; don't avoid it. In fact, make it a meditation: sit before the mirror for as long as you can, continuously seeing that this is not you. And this can give you a great satori, a great insight, one day. Suddenly you will see that your body has disappeared: there is only consciousness, pure witness.

Make a meditation out of it. It has been used in the past as a meditation.

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[A sannyasin, who is leaving for London, says: Here or in London I really have to go inside.]

You have to go inside -- that's true. Wherever you are, you have to go inside. That's perfectly true. So make all effort to break the walls. Be almost like an army attacking a castle. It is really a castle, because the mind defends -- it throws you out, it does not allow you in. It creates a thousand and one excuses to bring you out again. So one has to be very watchful; otherwise the mind brings distractions, allurements. The moment you start going in, the mind creates many allurements, and at the slightest hint you are distracted. You forget all about the inner journey and you have moved out, and as far away as possible. Each thought takes you away from yourself.

Whenever there is a thought you are away from yourself; when there is no thought you are in. That is the meaning of being in: a state of no-thought. Then you are in. There will not even be the thought, "I am in." If it is there, you are not in yet. If you are thinking, "Look, Dharmen, how beautiful -- I am in," you are not, because this is a thought. When you are really in there is no Dharmen, no in, no Out, no thought, no experience, nothing. Not even a spiritual experience is there. All has dissolved. Nothing is. One is in a state of no-where-ness. Then one is in.

But that's what has to be done, so whether here or in London, it makes no difference. All the difference that is possible is: here I go on hammering on you again and again to remind you; but that can be done there too.

Help my people there!

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[A sannyasin says she is frightened because her head is turning

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