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and yet you have defeated me."

Understanding arises out of silence; silence means no-mind. Misunderstanding is all kinds of noise in your mind. Dharmaraj, move from mind to no-mind, from noise to silence.

The second question

Question 2



Narayandas Diwari,

IT IS GOOD, it is beautiful that you recognize, that you confess that you are a hypocrite. This is the beginning -- the beginning of sincerity, the beginning of truth. Hypocrisy cannot remain long now any more. Hypocrisy can remain only if it goes on pretending that it is not hypocrisy. It exists by pretending to be that which it is not.

Once you recognize that you are wearing a mask, the mask has already started slipping. You have become aware that this is not your face. The mask can remain on your face only so long as you go on believing, pretending, deceiving others and yourself that it is your real face. And the problem is: if you deceive others you will start deceiving yourself finally. The person who goes on being cunning with others sooner or later starts being cunning with himself He forgets the language of sincerity, authenticity, truth. He has been Lying so long that all he knows now is Lying; he goes on Lying. And if others start believing in his lies -- because he becomes very clever in Lying -- seeing that others are believing in his lies he starts believing in those lies himself; naturally, when so many people are believing, there must be some truth in it. How can you deceive so many people? People are not such fools!

This is the greatest problem of wearing masks: they become your faces. Slowly slowly the distance between the original face and the mask disappears, they become glued together, almost welded. In fact, to separate them will feel as if you are peeling your skin -- it is painful, it is surgical.

But to be with a Master is to be on a surgical table. It is surgery because much that has accumulated around you which is false has to be cut, chunk by chunk. It hurts. It has become almost your second nature -- your originality is completely forgotten -- it has become far more important

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