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religious experience". It is a Sufi book called the Book of Books. It is all empty; not a single word written in it. It has been handed over from one master to another disciple, who had arrived and become a master. From master to master, for generations the book has been passed on. It contains the truth. But it has no words: empty pages.

Those empty pages say something, and say very loudly that all words are lies. That only if you can empty yourself from all words, thoughts, perhaps you may have the taste of religious experience.

You can study these religions, their rituals, their prayers, their architecture, their different codes of conduct, manners. But these have nothing to do with religious experience. In fact these religions are the greatest hindrances for individuals to achieve the experience. Studying these religions in the name of religious experience is not only befooling yourself, it is befooling the whole world.

It is simply hilarious! All these religious scriptures, rituals, prayers, should be part of museums, not part of human life. Corpses...! You loved your wife, you loved your mother, you loved your father, but one day your father dies. You have to take him to the crematorium. That does not mean that you did not love him. Burning his body in the crematorium is not a proof that you never loved him. What do you want? To go on carrying his dead body whole of your life as a proof that you loved your father? But how many bodies you will carry? Your mother will die; your wife may die; your child may die; your friend may die. Soon your house will be full of corpses. And living among those corpses, do you think you will remain alive? You yourself will become a corpse.

These religions have been the most poisonous thing that has happened to humanity. Yes, once in a while a man like Gautam Buddha or Lao Tzu experienced. And the fragrance of his experience, without saying a single word, started drawing people towards him as if some invisible magnetic force was working.

People loved to be near Gautam Buddha for no other motive: just to be in his presence; just to hear whatever he says. His each word has a poetry, has a song

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