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philosophers commit suicide than any other profession. Strange! Professors should be wise people, philosophers particularly so. But what goes wrong? -- their expectation of finding meaning. They try hard to find it, and it is not there. It was never there in the first place.

Other people don't try to find meaning, that's why they need not commit suicide: they never feel frustrated. They know that they have not tried to find it so they feel they are sinners, that something is wrong with them; but they never feel that they have to commit suicide because life is meaningless. They have not searched; meaning was always there. They have not cared. They have not listened to the priest, to the wiseguys who are all around, who are giving advice freely -- although nobody takes it.

Advice is the only thing in the world that everybody gives and nobody takes. And everybody knows it.

These people -- Jaspers, Marcel, Heidegger, Sartre, they have moved to the opposite polarity. Religions say that life is meaningful because God cannot create a meaningless life; it has an intrinsic meaning, a significance. You have to fulfill it, and you will be rewarded for it. Religions gave this hope but these people found that there is no God, that nobody has created a meaningful life, that there is no destiny -- man is just driftwood going nowhere. So they moved to the opposite polarity -- life is meaningless.

Just see the point: religions say life is meaningful, and these so-called existentialists have impressed on the intelligentsia of the world that life is meaningless. But to me they are both making the same mistake.

I say that meaning is irrelevant to life. Let me explain to you. Now, what is the smell of the color red? You will say, "It is irrelevant -- smell has nothing to do with color." And if you start searching for a certain smell in the color red -- because scriptures say, priests say, religions say, and thousands of years of traditions say that the color red has a certain fragrance -- you will find that there is no fragrance. Color and smell are totally different dimensions; they never meet. Neither has smell any color, nor has color any smell.

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