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That does not mean that color is futile, throw it away.

Life and meaning are totally different.

Meaning is a logical concept, and life has nothing to do with logic.

People who want to live have to put logic aside otherwise you cannot live, logic will come in everywhere preventing you from living..."either-or." You will think much, but you will not live much.

And the more you think, the less is the possibility of living.

Living needs a little transcendence from thinking.

Zorba the Greek says to his boss, "Boss, only one thing is wrong with you -- you think too much." And he is right; even his boss realizes finally that he is right. The whole day Zorba works hard, labors -- and then he dances and plays some instrument. What is it in Italian... santuri? -- or in Greek... santuri? I think whatever it is, santuri is a good name! Anyway all names are made up. Let's call it a santuri.

He plays the santuri, he dances, he goes mad, dancing -- and the boss simply sits. One day Zorba says, "What are you doing sitting there? There is a full moon, there is the river, the sands are calling, and the winds are so cool -- come along with me." With very hesitant feet the boss goes with him because Zorba is dragging him, and Zorba is a very strong man.

The boss is just a boss as bosses are supposed to be: a rich man, intellectual, but not strong. That Zorba just pulls him and starts dancing and playing on his santuri. And the boss also tries a little bit, but finds it exhilarating -- the wind, the moon, the river, the sand, and the mad way Zorba plays his santuri, and the mad way he dances.... Slowly slowly, he forgets that he is boss and starts dancing. It takes a little time to slip out of the mind, but he does. It is only for a few moments, but now he too knows that life has a different taste.

Life is not available to thinking.

Perhaps it is available to dancing, to singing.

One thing is certain, that thinking is the most dry dimension of your life. It is a desert with no oasis.

If you feel life is meaningless, that simply means you don't know how to live. You don't know that meaning has nothing

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