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to do with life.

This has to be a fundamental principle:

Life has nothing to do with meaning.

It is not arithmetic.

It is not logic.

It is not philosophy.

Living in itself is such an ecstasy -- who cares for meaning? Can't you visualize experiences which are intrinsically so joyous that even to ask the question about meaning will look idiotic? Nobody asks, What is the meaning of love? But these people who are asking, What is the meaning of life? are bound to ask, What is the meaning of love?

There is one Russian story, a small story. In a village a man, a young man, is called an idiot by everybody. From his very childhood he has heard that, that he is an idiot. And when so many people are saying it -- his father, his mother, his uncles, the neighbors, and everybody -- of course he starts believing that he must be an idiot. How can so many people be wrong? -- and they are all important people. But when he becomes older and this continues, he becomes an absolutely sealed idiot; there is no way to get out of it. He tried hard but whatsoever he did was thought to be idiotic.

That is very human. Once a man goes mad he may become normal again but nobody is going to take him as normal. He may do something normal but you will suspect that there must be something insane about it. And your suspicion will make him hesitant and his hesitancy wi]l make you suspicion stronger; then there is a vicious circle. So that man tried in every possible way to look wise, to do wise things, but whatsoever he did people would always say it was idiotic.

A saint was passing by. He went to the saint in the night when there was nobody about and asked him, "Just help me to get out of this locked state. I am sealed in. They don't let me out; they have not left any window or door open so that I can jump out. And whatsoever I do, even if it is exactly the same as they do, still I am an idiot. What should I do?"

The saint said, "Do just one thing. Whenever somebody says,'Look how beautiful the sunset is,' you say, "you idiot, prove it! What is beautiful there? I don't see any beauty. You prove it.' If somebody says,'Look at that

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