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[Osho initiates the new baby of a sannyasin.]

Deva means divine, sangam means meeting. Each child is a meeting of the sky and the earth. Each child is a miracle. Something happens that should not ordinarily happen: the meeting of matter and consciousness, the meeting of the visible and the invisible. So think of him as a miracle. Respect, revere him; don't take him for granted. The moment the child is taken for granted, we start murdering him. And each child is murdered; that's what is happening all over the world and has happened down the ages: it is a great massacre.

It is not only that Herod killed all the children in Israel, it is happening every day; it was happening before Herod and it has been happening since him.

Each child passes through a psychic murder; the moment the child is not respected and is thought to belong to you like a possession, the child has been killed, effaced. He has to be respected as a god, because the child is the coming of god into the world again. Each child is a statement from god that he is not yet tired, that he is not yet weary of man, that he still hopes, that he will continue to create new human beings, whatsoever we become -- sinners and saints. Whatsoever we do, he still hopes that the real man will be created. God has not failed yet! That is the declaration in each child's coming onto the earth, into existence.

So let this be your meditation now. To be a mother means to meditate with an alive, new, fresh, being.

Devadas -- Deva means god, das means a servant -- a servant of god, a slave of god, one who is surrendered. The English word 'servant' is not very good; it carries the connotation of somebody being forced. The English word 'slave' is also not good; that also has the meaning of somebody being forced against his will. Daso is one who has surrendered on his own accord. In fact there is no word in English for it. It means: a servant who has chosen the life of service as his joy, a slave who has found his freedom in this slavery. When you surrender, on one hand you become a slave, on the other hand you become for the first time free, free from the ego; and that is real freedom.


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