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[NOTE: This is a partly edited tape transcript of an unpublished early dialogue. It is for reference purposes only.]


OSHO: .... There is no mind. Everything will be, it will be as it is. Nothing is disturbed, because no one can disturb it. Things will be in their suchness and a little[?]. So the question is not where to seek truth, the question is not where is truth. No, truth is everywhere, that which is is known as truth. But the mind we seek [microphone disturbance] if it creates illusions, if it imposes something on that which is then the illusion is created. So how to disturb an illusion-creating mind? Now how to attain a mind which does not disturb, which sees things as they are? So how to achieve a mirror-like mind? That is the question: a mirror-like mind which has nothing to project, nothing to impose, which just reflects.

So the question, the basic question is never where is truth? how to find it? No, rather ask subjectively: what is this mind that creates the untrue; why does the mind create untruths; is there any way to destroy this mind, to become a no-mind? If you can become a no-mind, then truth is. And truth has been there always. It is there, it has never been disturbed, it has never changed. When we were not, it was; when we are not, it will still be. It has been there, it is there. It is the THEREness, but our mind imposes something over it. We see something over and against that which is. So the untrue is created.

The untrue is a creation of our mind, and if this mind remains the same, you go on being in trouble. You will be the same, so you will create the same illusion again. A person can change everything but if the mind remains the same, nothing is changed because the same mind will create the same difficulties. If he is a householder, he changes, he becomes a renunciate, but the mind remains the same. And now this new change will create the same difficulties, because the same machine, the same deception-creating mind is with you. So the basic problem is not to change stages, not to change outward things, but to change the inner mind. And there are two types of mind; only two types of mind.

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