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Question 1



It is one of the trade secrets of all the religions to propose propaganda that humanity has to be saved.

It is a very strange idea, but it is so old that nobody seems to look into the implications. Nobody asks why you are worried about saving humanity. And you have been saving humanity for thousands of years, but nothing seems to be saved.

In the first place, does humanity need any saving?

To answer this question all the religions have created an absolutely fictitious idea of the original fall, because unless there is a fall the question of saving does not arise. And the religious conception of the original fall is just rubbish.

Man has been evolving -- not falling -- in every possible way. The only way the original fall can be supported is by the idea of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin; but religions cannot use that -- they are very much offended. Charles Darwin's idea certainly can be put in such a way -- at least by the monkeys if not by man -- that it was an original fall. Certainly if man has evolved out of monkeys he must have fallen from the trees, and the monkeys who did not fall must have laughed at these idiots who had fallen. And there is a possibility that these were the weaker monkeys who could not survive in the trees.

In monkeys there exists a hierarchy. Perhaps the same mind and the same hierarchy are carried by man too; it is the same mind. If you see monkeys sitting in a tree you can know who's the chief: he will be at the top of the tree. Then there will be a big group of ladies, his harem -- the most beautiful, young. After that will be a third group.

I was thinking about this third group for many days but I had no word for it. In India we call that group the chamchas. Chamcha means a spoon, and these people are suckers. Just the way you take, with a spoon, things out of a bottle, they go on taking things -- power, money -- from those who have. Of course, they have to buttress these people, they have to praise these people.

But Devaraj has sent by coincidence today the right word -- because chamcha

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