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Prem means love, and tyagi means renunciation. Tyagi means one who has renounced -- love and renunciation. I make a special condition for renunciation -- and that is love. A man can renounce out of anger, a man can renounce out of hatred, a man can renounce out of frustration... but then it is meaningless. Unless you renounce out of love, renunciation is of no use. If you renounce, and there is no love in your renunciation, it is a struggle. If there is love, it is a surrender.

The old renunciation used to be out of hatred for the world. The old renunciation was anti-life, negative. I teach a positive renunciation, a life-affirmative renunciation, a life-enhancing renunciation. So your renunciation is going to be a profound yes to life. Certainly when you say yes to life or yes to God, many things start dropping on their own accord. Not that you really renounce them; they simply become irrelevant So never renounce a thing unless it has become irrelevant. What I am saying is, never renounce a thing as an effort, as a struggle; don't use your will to renounce anything. Just be in a let-go.

The old renunciation was a sort of a price that one had to pay for God. It was a bargain. You had to renounce the world if you wanted to enter the kingdom of God. It was a price to be paid. But to me, God is not for sale, and there is no price to be paid. God is not a commodity. There is no way to achieve God or to purchase God. Neither knowledge nor austerities nor renunciation is going to be of any help. Anything that you can do is not going to help. You have to be just passive and receptive. You have to be feminine, then God penetrates you. It is a gift, a grace.

Remember, God is not for sale, so there is no way to purchase Him. You cannot do anything on your own that will be of any help to attain to God. All that you can do is not to stand in the way, not to resist -- that's all that man can do... to be absolutely relaxed, deeply non-resistant

And this is what, to me, is prayer -- a state of let-go.

Prem means love and sagara means ocean -- ocean of love. And this is also going to be your continuous work -- to become more and more loving. Go

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