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I do not know why you have come here. Perhaps you too, do not know. Most of us live in such a way that we are not aware why we are living, where we are going and why. We do not ask of ourselves, "Why?" When our whole life is spent without asking these basic questions it is no wonder if you all have come without knowing the purpose of your coming. Maybe a few of you know it, but the possibility is very small.

We live and walk and see and hear in such a state of sleep, in such a state of deep unconsciousness that we fail to see that which is. We fail to hear that which is said, and we fail to come in contact with and experience that which surrounds us from all sides -- within and without. So it is no wonder if you have come here unknowingly, unaware.

We do not know why we are alive. And we are not aware of what we do -- so much so that we are not conscious even of our breathing.

But I well know why I am here. And that's what I want to share with you.

Man's quest continues through lives, and it is after the endeavor of countless lives that he gets a glimpse of what we call bliss or peace or truth or God or moksha or nirvana -- call it what you like, although there is no word that can say it. One attains to it after many many lives. And all those who seek it think that they are going to enjoy completely after they have found it; but they are very mistaken. They find after attainment that it is just the beginning of a new labor, a new undertaking, that there is no resting.

Until yesterday they strove hard to find it; now they are rushing about to share it with others. If it was not so, Buddha would not have visited our towns, Mahavira would not have knocked at our doors and Christ would not have called on us. After coming in contact with the supreme, a new kind of work begins. In fact, whatsoever is significant in life brings great joy and bliss when you find it, but it is much more joyous and blissful when you share it with others. One who is blessed with bliss or God becomes restless to share it with others. Just as a flower on blooming broadcasts its fragrance, or as a cloud rains or a wave rushes to embrace the seashore -- similarly,

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