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[A visitor asked what the agreement of sannyas meant.]

That you are no more. It is a total surrender. No agreement -- because in an agreement there are two parties. You simply surrender. Much courage is needed...

It is not an agreement because it is not a legal thing. It is just a love affair... you fall in love. It is not an agreement because it is not a marriage. So if you feel love for me you take the jump and of course it needs courage, the greatest courage. All other courages are nothing compared to it, because before you were moving on familiar ground. Even if something new was there, it was not absolutely new. You knew it somehow; it had a context in your past, with your mind, with your intellect. You simply move in deep trust.

Much happens through it -- and there is no other way of happening -- because once you put yourself aside, all barriers drop. Suddenly you are open, vulnerable. That is the meaning of courage -- to remain vulnerable. Whatsoever happens, one remains open. Storms may come, but still one never closes the doors. Once you close the door, it is closed against the enemy. It is also dosed against the friend. A closed door makes no difference between the enemy and the friend.

In fear we close ourselves. Of course we close ourselves against death -- but life is also left outside. This is the risk: if you want to live, you have to live with death constantly.

So if you want in short what sannyas is, it is losing your head. And you have nothing else to lose except your head. So let me cut it, mm?

[A visitor says: I am looking for my master... I try to understand.]

That will be difficult.

The disciple can never choose the master -- only the master can choose the disciple -- because the disciple is almost asleep. In sleep, how can you choose who is going to wake you? At the most you can dream, dream about the master. But you cannot choose, because you are asleep. Only somebody who is awake can choose whether to wake you or not.

So if you leave it to me I can wake you, but if you are trying to choose, then it is for you...

[The visitor had previously found Yoga and Sufi techniques

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