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[NOTE: This is an unedited tape transcript of an unpublished darshan diary, which has been copy typed. It is for reference purposes only.]

Osho (to Kirsten): Christ says God is love. God is not known to us. God is absolutely unknown. When we utter the word "god" it is hollow, empty, because we have not experienced anything of God. But the word "love" is full of meaning; it is warm.

There is something in love which has been experencied by everybody. It may not be in its purest form, it may be much adultered -- but whater is water even though it is muddy, and love is love even though it is full of lust. Something of the divine remains always present in it. Howsoever dark the night is, a ray of light is still light and not darkness. So it is the case with love.

Love more and you will be coming closer and closer to the understanding of Christ-consciousness. By being a Christian nothing is achieved, one simply follow a dead dogma. But by being a lover something certainly opens up, your heart starts growing. And when the heart blooms in its absolute glory you are Christ.

I am not here to create Christians but to create Christs; my effort is not to make Buddhists but Buddhas.

(to Cristine): Love is the ultimate state of feeling. We live in the world of thoughts, in thinking, and we are so engrossed in thinking that we have completely forgotten the language of feeling. Love is the essence of feeling. One has to learn how not think and how to feel.

Think less and feel more. Use logic less, use emotion more. If you use logic and thinking, at the most you can communicate with human beings, and that too on a superficial level. You can't be logical with a child who does not know language yet. What do you do with a child? You relate with the child through feelings, through love.

You cannot relate with the trees through logic; but there are ways to relate with trees. If you can become open, if you can feel the being of the tree, if you can feel the texture of the tree, if you can hug the tree, if you can close your eyes and simply feel its being, you will be contacting it on a totally different plane. Then even rocks start speaking

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