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Remember only one thing: the past is a hindrance, the greatest hindrance. It has to be completely dropped, utterly dropped. To be with me is to be in the now -- no past, no future. This moment is all there is and just this moment is god. Everything else is just the mind dreaming, desiring, imagining.

Once the past and future have dropped -- and they are always dropped together; if you drop one, the other disappears of its own accord. They are two aspects of the same game. The past projects itself into the future. It wants to repeat itself -- in a little more modified way, but still the same. Between the two is the moment. The moment, this moment, is the only reality, and the door to reality.

So let this moment become your whole life. Live moment to moment, with no ideology, with no desire for any kind of future, with no goal. And then you need not go to god -- god comes to you.

The mind is never clear and can never be. The mind is what unclarity is. And all relationship is through the mind; hence the problem. You will have to learn the ways of no-mind So it is not a question of how to be clear; it is a question of how to be a no-mind. Through the mind the same thing will go on being repeated, again and again. The mind is repetitive, it is mechanical. It moves like a wheel: the same spokes come up again and again and again.

This is the difference between the western approach and the eastern. The western approach is to bring clarity to the mind. The whole of psychoanalysis is nothing but that: how to bring a clarity to the mind. The eastern approach is how to get out of the mind, because the mind is not going to be clear ever. The mind is confusion. There is not any possibility with the mind. It is not that there are confused minds and minds which are not confused, no. All minds are confused... the mind as such is confusion.

So it is not a question of how to become clear about your relationship; that is just a by-product. You have to get out of the mind slowly, slowly; you have to learn ways of getting out of it. And that's what meditation is all about: it is slipping out of the mind. The mind is a mechanism. There is no need to get

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