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[NOTE: This is an unedited tape transcript of an unpublished darshan diary, which has been scanned and cleaned up. It is for reference purposes only.]

The truth is not known through mind and its turmoil. It is known through absolute silence, then the mind stops all its functioning, then the mind is no more. In that pause, in that silence, suddenly you become aware for the first time, of that which is -- call it truth, call it god, liberation, nirvana, moksha, different names for the same phenomenon. All that is needed is a deep silence.

Because of this a great problem has arisen. The secret has been known down the ages that silence is the most necessary requirement; hence people have escaped from the world thinking that it is impossible to be silent in the world. That was an absolutely wrong conclusion, a wrong logic, because silence has nothing to do with the outside world. It is something inner. You can grow it anywhere. You can go to the mountains but your mind will be the same; it will go on playing the same games. In fact, it will play the same games more in the mountains, because there you will not have anything else to do, so the whole energy will be available to the mind.

In the monasteries, in the deserts, in the mountains, the mind becomes more predominant than in the marketplace, than in the ordinary life; hence my insistence is that no sannyasin should leave the world. It is the right place to attain to silence. One has to learn the art; escaping is not going to help.

If you have cancer, escaping to the desert won't help. You have to go through the treatment -- through surgery, medicine -- because the cancer will go with you wherever you go. And the same mind will follow you anywhere. So the question is not of changing places on the outside, but of changing the inner attitude, approach, the inner gestalt.

Once you change the inner gestalt, the outside noise enhances your silence, it does not disturb it. It is not a distraction at all, it becomes a nourishment.

One of the old Zen haikus is 'THE OLD POND... PLOP!' -- vizualise it -- an ancient pond, very old. You can see by the rocks, by the moss that has gathered

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