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mind is just the opposite of meditation

it is the closing of the heart

meditation is the opening of the heart

man can live through the mind

but then life will not have any significance

any poetry, any song, any music

it will be trivial, mundane, superficial

ultimately frustrating

a sheer wastage of a great opportunity

a very ungrateful way to live

because god gives us such an opportunity to grow

and we only accumulate the non-essential

money, power, prestige

there is a famous book by napoleon hill: Grow Rich

that is not a way to grow

that is a way to remain retarded

but that's what has become the philosophy

of the common man all over the world

everybody is interested in the very superficial

the reason is that the door to the divine is closed

and the door to the mundane is open

our schools, colleges and universities

are in the service of the society

they are agents, their function is to close the heart

and to open the head

my work here is to reclaim the heart

once the heart starts opening

your life becomes a celebration

mind divides you from existence

gives you the idea of an ego

the heart unites

gives you the idea of oneness with the whole

and to feel one with the whole is the ultimate in joy

there is no higher joy

it is the ultimate in love

there is nothing higher than it

it is the ultimate truth itself

because it brings harmony, all conflict disappears

life becomes a rhythm

a rhythm

that goes on deepening every moment

the zen people call it

the Sound

of one hand


now there are not two

the music is there but it is not a struck music

when you play on the sitar two things are needed

the instrument is needed and you are needed

you have to strike the strings, it is basically a conflict

and out of conflict

only mundane music can be born

there is another world of music, another dimension

in India

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