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Deva means divine and gupta means secret -- divine secret. And the divine secret is that there is no secret in it! The divine secret is the open secret. It is very obvious -- it is not far away, it is not distant. It is close-by, it is within, it is you... it is your very core. We go on missing god because we go on looking far away. We are searching for god with a telescope, hence we go on missing. A telescope is good to see things which are far away, but if you start looking for things through the telescope which are not far away, which are very close by, you will miss them... and god is the closest!

Even to look at god with open eyes is to miss, because open eyes look far away... even an inch away is far away. That is why in deep prayer or in deep meditation eyes are bound to close themselves.

God can be seen only with closed eyes: he is so close by -- even open eyes will take you far away. He is just in the heart beat. This is the secret: don't look far away, don't go after the distant, search in the close-by, look within! And god has always been there -- it is a miracle that we miss him! To find god is a simple thing -- to miss him is a miracle. To find god is very easy -- to miss him is a very complex phenomenon. It is simply incredible how we go on missing him, because we live in him, we are born in him, we breathe in him, we die in him. We are just like fish and he is just like the ocean -- but it is said that the fish goes on missing the ocean. It is so close. How can you see it?

The fish comes to know about the ocean only when she is caught and thrown out of the ocean, taken out of the ocean. Then she recognises, then only does she become aware of what she has lost. We can take a fish out of the ocean -- how can we take a man out of god ? There is no way because there is no shore to it -- god is a shoreless ocean. There is no place outside him so we can never fall out of him. To understand this is to understand the greatest secret. Just a simple, loving heart is needed. It is not a question of great intellectual understanding, no! -- just a feeling heart is needed. God is known through feeling: it is not an intellectual work -- it is

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