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Anand means bliss, christopher means Christ-bearer. The story is that Saint Christopher bore the Christ child across the river. But it can become a tremendously significant metaphor for the inner journey. The meaning that I would like to give it is that each person, man or woman, is a Christbearer in the sense that everybody is pregnant with Christ, that we are carrying the child in our womb.

This is the whole dilemma of human existence, because if Jesus lives then Christ cannot live; if Jesus dies, only then can Christ live. By Jesus I mean the ego; by Christ I mean the egoless consciousness. Jesus and Christ cannot be together. When Jesus dies on the cross, then Christ is resurrected: the death of the ego is the birth of god. The majority of people have chosen the ego, they cling to the ego, and the Christ child remains suffocated, un-grown-up, like a seed-- heavy, ready to be born, but finding no opportunity.

Sannyas is nothing but an opportunity for Jesus to die and for Christ to be resurrected.

Prem means love, alessandra means a helper of mankind. The full name will mean: love, the helper of mankind. And this is something very important to be remembered, that unless you love you cannot be of any help. Help cannot be a duty. If it comes out of duty it is ugly, egoistic; it humiliates the other. When. it comes out of love it obliges nobody; it is for the sheer joy of sharing. In fact you feel thankful to the person who accepted your help, because he respected it, he welcomed it--he could have rejected it.

People also become helpers without love--they become great public servants, missionaries, etcetera. These are the most mischievous people in the world: in the name of help they dominate, in the name of service they are on a power-trip. The service is nothing but a camouflage. They don't love; and without love whatsoever they do, harms -- because this is the observation of all those who have known, that only love is nectar, everything else is poison.

So let love become the centre of your existence, your very being. And if out of the pulsation of love, service arises, it is beautiful; if you can help somebody out of love it is

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