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Above All Don't Wobble

Talks given from 16/1/76 to 12/2/76

Darshan Diary

28 Chapters

Year published: 1977

Above All Don't Wobble

Chapter #1

Chapter title: None

16 January 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

Archive code: 7601165

ShortTitle: WOBBLE01

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[A sannyasin says: I'm changing all the time... Since the group, I don't know... I don't like talking, I don't like laughing... I feel like crying... ]

Whatsoever happens, accept and enjoy, and don't force anything. If you feel like talking, talk. If you feel like being silent, be silent -- just move with the feeling. Don't force in any way, not even for a single moment, because once you force anything you are divided in two -- and that creates the problem, then your whole life becomes split.

The whole of humanity has become almost schizophrenic, because we have been taught to force things. the part that wants to laugh and the part that doesn't allow you to laugh become separate, and then you are divided in two. You create a topdog and an underdog, and so there is conflict. The rift that the conflict creates can go on becoming bigger and bigger and bigger. So the problem is how to bridge that rift, and how not to create it anymore.

In Zen they have a very beautiful saying. They say,


just sit,


just walk...

above all,

don't wobble.

Whatsoever you do, just do it as totally as possible. Everything should be done in such a relaxed way that there is no effort in it. If you enjoy walking, good! If suddenly you realise that you no longer have the urge or desire to move, then sit down immediately; not even a single step should be taken against your will. One should not drag oneself. That dragging is the whole mechanism of the ego, the manipulator.

Just the other day I was reading about a certain christian ministry, who when they pray, have to put on a belt -- a prayer-belt they call it. The explanation given is that it divides the lower part of the body from the higher; the genitals from the heart. And they call it a

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