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[A sannyasin asks about his work in the West and his relationship:... it's crazy that I should ask you these things... I've got my own mind.]

No, you ask... that is a way of making up your mind, mm? Now you are part of me and I am as much involved in you as you are -- even more. So don't think that you are crazy. Just tell me. Even telling me will be of much help.

I cannot decide for you, but I can help you to decide. These two things... something else? There must be a third thing also.

[He answers: Well... I have a tendency to be negative, critical, low energy... ]

Mm mm... because that third is the most basic, and these two are coming out of it.

If you feel a basic low energy, then you cannot make any decision. That is the problem for a low energy person, mm? You cannot decide -- you go on thinking and thinking and wavering your whole life. But remember one thing -- whether you decide or not, a decision is continuously being taken. Even if you can't decide -- that too is a decision.

For example, if you don't decide to leave this woman, you are deciding to be with her. The other is also as much a decision. Sometimes for a low energy person, the decision that looks like a no-decision becomes the only decision in life.

So what I will suggest is that you don't think that you have to change your profession.

Rather than think whether you have to do it, decide whether you are to remain a dentist. Do you want to remain a dentist? Don't decide the other thing... decide this.

And if you are not decisive, don't continue in it. Sit and meditate, and if you cannot decide, remain suspended. You follow my point? If you cannot decide this, then the same has to be done with the other -- because it is the same problem. The problem is the third.

That's why I insist that there is a third problem, more basic. These two are just off-shoots. And it always happens that off-shoots look like real problems. The real problem -- that you cannot face this reality of your being low energy, that you don't want it, that you don't like it -- is hiding somewhere else.

If you cannot make a decision, remain suspended --

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