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[A sannyasin says: I'm not sure which direction to take -- whether to go out more to people or to go inside myself more. I'm not sure which is best for my growth.

Osho checks his energy.]

Good, come back. The energy is really good.

You have to do both. Choosing won't be good. These are not alternatives -- whether one should go out, meet, mix with people, or should go in. Both are needed together. If you move towards one, you will become lopsided. So sometimes go out, mix with people, forget yourself. Then really go out.

And make it part of meditation that going out is good. Balance is needed; choice is not needed. All choice is wrong, because these are are not alternatives; they are complementaries. Together they make the whole, and together they make you holy and healthy. Together they will heal you.

[Osho went on to say that people who are like monks could not be whole and healthy because they were living just half lives, were rejecting life and other people.... ]

Even if they are silent, their silence is very poor. It is the silence of beggars. It is empty. It is simply negative. It is not a fulfillment, it is not a benediction. It is not an overflowing ecstasy. They cannot dance... they cannot sing.

And unless you can dance your way to god, you can never reach.

So this is what I would like to say to you: dance your way to god. And dance comes by balance. One cannot dance on one leg; both legs will be needed. And one cannot dance by choosing the inward or the outward, by becoming the introvert or the extrovert. Dance will need continuous coming and going. It is a movement. You have to reach others. And it is helpful; it is not contrary to meditation.

When you go to somebody and you are lost in the world, suddenly a need arises to be alone. It is an appetite. Then you come home and you sit alone, and now you can enjoy. Now this is not loneliness, this is aloneness. If you don't go out and you sit there, it will be loneliness,. not aloneness, and there will be no appetite. You will be bored by it. It is as if one is full and still sitting at the table and trying to eat. It will create nausea. You need

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